How To Clean Refrigerator Water Dispenser Mold?

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Water stored in the dispenser can cause molds to form in it. This issue can be a health hazard and lead to infections and even hospitalization in some cases. If water stays in it long, molding might begin in the tray and pipes/tubes. Gross, right? Don’t worry; this article will help you figure out how to clean your water dispenser when molds form.

Let’s jump right into it.

How To Clean Refrigerator Water Dispenser Mold?

Here are the steps that explain how to clean the water dispenser when molds attack it:

Step 1: Gather up the essentials.

It is necessary to lock the button; otherwise, the water will fall all over you, leaving you drenched. So, always switch the lock button on to avoid this mishap.

Here is what you need for the cleaning mission:

Step 2: Time for some action- clean the tray and the tube.

Now, take a spray bottle and add some vinegar to it. Mix that vinegar with water, spray it on the moldy area and wipe it with a cloth.

Get a cleanser that removes lime deposits efficiently in case of calcium formation.

Remove the tray and spray the solution directly on it. Wipe it off with a clean cloth. Once that is done, rerun it under water, so you do not get the vinegary taste when you drink water.

When it comes to the pipe/tube, take a long tube brush (a smaller one should do the job) and pour the solution inside the pipe. Use the brush to clean the mold. Now, run the insides with clear water and let it dry.

water dispenser

Step 3: Cleaning the ice dispenser

This can be slightly challenging to do. Take a toothbrush or a long-tube brush that can easily enter the ice dispenser. You can even use something with a sharp edge to get the mold off if it gets rigid and is not going away with the solution.

When it comes to cleaning the sides, you need to remove the clear cup and clean the part that’s behind it. Spray the solution on the region and use a brush to rinse it off or a cloth if you can reach that part.

Step 4: Rewashing

This is where you clean all the dispenser parts with water to ensure you remove the vinegar. Otherwise, when you drink water, you can taste it. So, run it under new water and ensure the vinegar washes off.

Final Takeaway

So, this is how you clean your water dispenser in the refrigerator. There are chances the mold might come back. So, it is essential to clean it regularly. Keep yourself, friends and family, safe from this. We recommend cleaning the dispenser every five to six months to protect yourself from catching any illness caused by the molds.

If you see mold on any other similar surfaces, the vinegar plus water solution can help and do wonders.

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