Microsoft Surface Pro LTE won’t be available until next spring: Report

Microsoft unveiled its updated Surface Pro LTE in September this year. At that time, the company had announced that they will be making the tab available for sale, starting December 1. But it seems like the company is considering postponing the launch of Surface Pro LTE. Reports suggest that Microsoft might end up delaying the launch by an entire year. Surface Pro is now expected to be available in the spring of 2018. The tab is the first of its kind by Microsoft to feature sports cellular connectivity.

Microsoft appears to have updated Surface Pro LTE’s product page on its official website. The page reads a text, which clearly states that “the new Surface Pro with LTE” will be made available for sale in leading retail stores in “Spring, 2018.” The company further goes on to add, “We’re excited to bring you a Surface Pro that is now faster, lighter, quieter and more connected than ever.” The information was published in Microsoft’s FAQ section (under the online store). Neowin spotted this change over the weekend. But if one goes and checks the page again, the information seems to have removed. There are many possibilities to this. First one is that the information might end up being inaccurate. Rumor claims that someone at Microsoft accidentally posted the details. They were not supposed to reveal anything until much later. Media publications have attempted at reaching out to Microsoft. But they haven’t provided any feedback on the matter. If this turns out to be true, then fans may have to wait until March, 2018 to get their hands on Surface Pro LTE. This is a three month delay which might not be taken lightly by the fans.

The tablet is scheduled to arrive in one variant only. Surface Pro LTE will be powered Core i5 processor. As opposed to speculations, the tablet won’t be available in Core i7 variant. Microsoft is apparently facing troubles when it comes to fitting the LTE modem with Core i7 CPU. This is another compromise that the users will have to be fine with. Microsoft is also expected to launch its Surface Pro 5 this month. The device won’t feature any significant design change but will definitely pack upgraded features. The pricing and availability information has not been revealed by the Redmond giant as yet. Additional details will show up in time.

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Shailesh Sharma


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