Twitter rolls out Moments feature in Britain

twitter crowd

twitter crowd
After a positive response in the US, Twitter has launched its new feature ‘Moments’ – curated slideshows of image and video tweets about trending news and events — in Britain.

Twitter has served users with text, photos and videos in a chronological format, allowing them to keep up with news and events.

But after realising the needs of a new user, twitter roped in some former journalists in London and designed ‘Moments’ to make it easier for new or casual members to use the social networking site and keep up with the trending topics around the globe, The Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

From Tuesday, Twitter added a ‘lightning bolt’ tab at the bottom of the app. When pressed, a curated slideshows of image and video tweets that are based around a trending topic or news item are displayed.

When a user selects a topic, for example, Star Wars premiere, a series of tweets, along with images and videos around the topic are displayed.

Users can browse different areas, including news, sports and entertainment to see moments about those subjects.

Some users in Britain are served with tweets focused on Tim Peake, the first British astronaut in over 20 years to go to space.

Twitter had rolled out features like “While you were away” recaps to cater to needs of user to keep up with trending topics, however, the move met with mixed responses.