Instagram updates mobile website with ‘Stories’ option


Instagram is one of the most famous social media tool in the world. The company has built itself a reputation of updating its photo-sharing platform with newer features every now and then. Just recently, Instagram updated its application with the ability to view ‘Stories’ on both, the mobile and web platform. It was discovered at that time that the ‘Stories’ feature was only truly available through the application. The update to the online website would arrive in a “couple of months,” their official blogpost read.

Instagram has now officially updated its mobile platform with the ability to view ‘Stories.’ This feature has been added along with the ability to save posts on the mobile platform as well. If individuals wish to post a ‘Story,’ they are required to tap on the Camera icon situated on the top left corner of the screen, upload their preferred picture and click on the ‘Post’ option. Before this option came along, the option was primarily occupied by the ‘Discover People’ button. However, the feature has now been relocated to the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Individuals can choose to upload an image from their library itself. Instagram has also provided users with the option of adding text or changing the color of it. Individuals can save their customized image in their library by tapping in ‘Bookmark’ option situated on the bottom corner of the screen. There are a number of features Instagram is scheduled to come up with including “voice to video feature.” The said feature will help in to switch the voice chat into video chat without switching off the voice chat.  The new set of emojis might also come soon. Stay tuned for more news on technology.

Shailesh Sharma