Vivo introduces Xchange program to exchange old phones

Vivo India has introduced Vivo Xchange program to exchange old phones and upgrade to a new Vivo smartphone.

The exchange program is available on Vivo’s e-store website The upgrade program is designed for both existing Vivo customers as well as for other smartphone users looking to buy a new Vivo smartphone.

Process for exchange

Visit Vivo e-store
Select the device that you want to buy

Click on the check availability to know whether the exchange offer is applicable for your city

Get the exchange quote for your old smartphone
Place the order after accepting the quote

Receive the new Vivo smartphone at your address, once the order is placed will schedule the pickup of the old device and they will give instant payment

The company has partnered with online re-commerce brand to ensure seamless trade-in process.

Vivo is offering an additional INR 1000 exchange of their old Vivo smartphones from 16 – 19 January 2019.


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