Vivo introduces all-metal body smartphone Vivo X6 in Beijing

Vivo X6 phone

Vivo X6 phone
Chinese technology company Vivo has introduced its all-metal body smartphone called Vivo X6 in Beijing on November 30.

Vivo X6 has a split screen, 4G RAM and dual-clip flash charging solution which doubles the charging speed of X6 compared with common mobiles. The fingerprint recognition system also improves the speed and convenience significantly for users to lock or unlock the screen in 0.4 seconds.

Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity) quality guarantees the quality reproduction of sound and image processing ability.

Alex Feng, global vice president and chief marketing officer, said: “The X6 promises to bring Vivo’s key concept of developing a faster user experience, solving the four major concerns of stability, fluency, battery life and safety towards a smartphone.”