Samsung rolls out Android 6.1 Marshmallow update for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has started rolling out the Android 6.1 Marshmallow update for its Galaxy Note 4 smartphones in India. The update is now available over-the-air (OTA).

The new update will come with a new Touchwiz UI which provides enhanced usability and an updated visual design. It will support Quick connect that allows users easily find and connect to nearby devices.


The update also includes an advanced power saving mode that restricts background data and extends battery life, and a new Vibration pattern.

The users will now be notified to reinstall the new version of the Samsung Gear or Gear Fit Manager app if it does not work normally after the latest update.

Back in March, the company rolled out the update for its Galaxy Note 5 in India. The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update is about 1.26GB in size

The new features on Android 6.1 Marshmallow include revamped app permissions; Google Now on Tap feature; new Chrome feature that will change the Web experience for Android users; new ways to handle Web links; Android Pay mobile payment system; new fingerprint APIs for developers to add into their apps.

It also features a New Silent feature for sound and vibrate mode as well as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to block all sounds or only alarms and notifications, and battery saver features called Doze that will make Android devices smart about managing power.

In addition, it has a new RAM manager, adoptable storage devices, new app drawer, auto backup, and restore for apps.


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