Realme 1 Review: Worth buying or not?

Realme 1 has been recently launched in India. The smartphone is available on the Amazon India. The phone is said to be the Realme’s answer to Xiaomi’s dominance in the budget segment of smartphones.

Talking about the price, the phone is available with 3 variations.

3GB RAM and 32 GB storage – priced at Rs 8990

4GB RAM and 64 GB storage – priced at Rs 10990

6GB RAM and 128 GB storage – priced at Rs 13990

Notably, here, we were talking about 6 GB of RAM that is the most expensive variant is.

Realme 1 design

The design of the phone is beautiful with a shiny diamond cut body at the back. The digression like format has been designed in such a manner that; the back of the phone looks like a diamond, especially when light falls on it. The company has given a lot of thought to the designing of the phone and ensured the phone has the looks of an expensive flashy phone.

The phone has an 84.75 percent screen to body ratio that makes it very easy to handle and packed in. The screen has the modern, suave look that makes it extremely attractive to the onlookers especially. It has a smooth, contemporary and freshly designed front screen. The outer frame of the phone is made of plastic but the quality is not questionable.

The camera at the back is designed in such a way that it is hardly visible. To the left of the piece is the volume rocker which is placed strategically at a vantage point that makes it easy to use and figure out. The power button is at the right along with the SIM insertion tray. Usually, most phones have a cross breed of dual SIM, but, the phone has space for 2 nano-SIM cards along with a Micro SD card.

Perhaps the most prominent missing feature in the phone is the fingerprint sensor as the company decided to give way to Facial recognition as a notch above the conservative fingerprint security system. This is of course in addition to the passcode option. In our opinion even if the facial recognition is here to stay, it does have a roadblock. When exposed to direct sunlight, the phone might not be very effective in recognizing or opening the phone as the picture view might not be clear. The entire set up of the phone is a tad slow and not spontaneous and instantaneous.

Realme 1 specifications

First, let’s talk about the display, the smartphone sports a 6-inch full-HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and 1080×2160 pixels. The screen is one of the best in its price range with great vivid colors. However, its viewing angles of the display are not so good.

This phone offers much more than what we are paying to the makers. The best processor of Mediatek at its price range – the Helio P60 processor is powering the phone. The phone stands out here totally making it stand on equal grounds with a much more expensive sub-brand of Xiaomi – Note 5 Pro. The processor is made up of a 12 nm process that also includes a Neuro pilot roped in to detect facial discovery and enriching your photos and videos.

More about Realme 1

To see if the phone really packed a punch, we made the phone work hard to see if it passed our test. The 6GB RAM phone was put to litmus test when we opened a lot of variations altogether. We took pictures and videos, did a lot of window shopping on browsers, and did a huge video recording in the full HD mode. Apart from the habitual tasks, why would be behind when it comes to amusement. We ensured we got our dose of entertainment by playing subway surfers. Despite this, the phone did not disappoint us.  It did not get warm even when I tried to multi-task the phone.

The An Tu Tu benchmark that is most imperative for games lovers with hi-performance graphics was tested by us. The Helio P60 Processor had beaten the Qualcomm Snapdragon in terms of Antutu scores.

This smartphone has recorded an endurance of 11 hours and 30 mins in the HD Video looped battery test which makes it battery life remarkable. While we were up the entire day, using and exploiting the phone to the T, we needed to charge the phone only a little before midnight which is imposing at all fronts. The full charge of the phone takes a close to 3 hours which is what every phone at an average gives us.

Realme 1 camera

The Realme 1 packs a punch when it comes to its camera. It has all the requisites of a good camera combined with a Pro Mode enabling us to change and amend the shutter speed, ISO, exposure and maintaining the white balance.

The camera recognizes 296 facial features through its AI weapon. It not only identifies the tone of the skin, gender but makes the best use of the image settings as well. OPPO has asserted that has about 8 million beauty allusion areas in its catalog. The front camera of 8MP was not really impressive in low light. The AI did its best to soften and unsharpened the facial features but it also added an undesirable watercolor effect to the picture.

The bokeh shot that captures the beauty of in focus things is available on both the cameras. The too much stuffing in the phone has caused this feature to suffer in the midst of overcrowded features.

The AI feature works in tandem with the rear camera that rearranges different scenarios and objects with its fine detailing and produces the picture. But, when we talk about the quality of the picture, we must say it is quite gloomy and uninteresting. The autofocus suffers in a low light situation and video recording saturates at 1080p for both the cameras. The AR stickers are well under control and there is a good range of 14 stickers that can be used with both the cameras.

The Negatives

The camera of the phone is nothing that other phones don’t give us and that’s the reason why the phone doesn’t compete to take the No.1 spot in the charts. The Bokeh shots are not impressive enough to talk about. It lacks detailing and that makes it a less desirable feature.

The glass body although effective in handling the phone also has a disadvantage in that as it leaves the fingerprints on the glass as it is.

With an 18:9 display and 6GB RAM, the model boasts of an inimitable design with glass body and Oreo version of Android 8.1. The phone has been made to specifically single out its stiffest competition which is the Redmi Note 5 Pro Killer.

Shailesh Sharma




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