iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus & iPhone X2: Specs and features one can expect

The launch of the latest iPhone is on the anvil. With Apple’s past history of launching phones in the month of September, fans have some high expectations and surmise to predict what’s in it for them. One cannot simply be certainly of what Apple will offer with their new flagship. Here we have compiled the information of what to expect from the phone based on various reports and rumors.

Rumor mills are abuzz that the new models of the iPhone will be the iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus and the iPhone X2. Speculations also suggest that Apple might not opt for numbers and would rather engage in alphabet naming with X1 AND X2.

As one can expect, the phone will be priced according to its model. The one with a 6.5 inch LCD display will be the most expensive device with prices ranging between 1000$ and 1100$, whereas the others would come in a range between 700$ and 900$.


Based on the premise of leaked images of the new launch, there doesn’t seem to be much change when it came to designing. It is apparent that the model will continue with the Aluminium and glass bodies for its future models.

Reports indicate that manufacturers will use a lighter version of Aluminium to lower production costs. Some minor design changes will be there and new colors may be strategized.

AI voice assistants

Google and Amazon sure are giving tough competition to Apple with the AI voice assistant. This could be one of the biggest restructurings Apple might go for. Siri, AI, and other machine learning devices could go for some major refurbishment with the rollout of iOS 2 which will improve the voice capabilities and functionalities of Siri


For the 6.1-inch iPhone, the LCD version might have larger bezels in a 16:9 form and the other models might get inspiration from the iPhone X to have an 18:9 aspect ratio with a True Depth camera and face identification.

Apple might want to play it safe this time considering the resounding success of the iPhone X model. It might want to stick to the ground for its new launches too barring a few modifications. The company will definitely look towards increasing the performance of apps and games by upgrading the A11 chip to A11X or may be A12. By the looks of it, the 6.1-inch model might possess the 13MP sensor which is the same as iPhone 8 while the high –end variants will boast of 2X optical zoom sensor with Bokeh modes which will guarantee better performance.

Shailesh Sharma



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