LG launches ThinkQ Smart TV with AI starting at Rs 32,500

LG has recently announced the launch of its new Smart TV range, with an incorporated AI. The AI range of LG’s smart TV’s has varieties positioned from a 32-inch model to its largest – the 77-inch model.

The new brand is named as ThinQ which lets the customer interact with the TV directly via the voice feature embedded in it. All the TV’s have their functionality on webOS smart interface. The TVs also comes with a magic remote control and is available in various models including OLED, Super UHD, UHD, and smart TV grouping. The 32 inch TV starts from Rs 32,500 which goes the northward direction to Rs 29, 49,990 for the 77-inch range.

The TV remote has a fixed microphone which enables the user to speak into it which helps in searching and navigation. LG also has claimed that there are about 800 predetermined commands obtainable for the TV.

The 2018 assortment of LG TV’s is power-driven with the latest ‘Alpha 9 intelligent processor’. The processor facilitates enhanced 120fps frame rate which is the refresh rate depicting how often the TV changes the image on the screen. Apart from this, it presents a better contrast, the finest color resolution, and superior noise reduction.

The range is also supported for 4k Cinema via the High dynamic range video with Dolby Atmos cinematic sound and screen mirroring. The mobile connection overlay is one of the newly introduced features. It helps the viewer to see both mobile and TV screens concurrently. The TV’s also have employed the use of nanotechnology with the option to dim the backlight for prominent blacks and augmented shadow detailing with wide view angles.

Artificial intelligence is definitely the way ahead for all potential products. The functionality of Artificial intelligence is supported by broad research for an insightful experience. The launch of Smart TVs of such kind is the first time in India and is targeted at a niche audience.

Shailesh Sharma




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