How To Get Epoxy Out of Hair?

It is fun to work with epoxy and create unique projects with it. From making a cute pendant to extensive industrial work, epoxy resin is used almost everywhere. 

When dealing with craftwork, things sometimes get messy: What if epoxy gets stuck in your hair? Fret not; this article is your guide to fixing the issue. Let us figure out how you can fix it.

How To Get Epoxy Out of Hair?

Here are the remedies for resolving the issue:

1. A warm water bath with dish soap. 


  • Sometimes, cured epoxy resin might take days to get out of your hair. Take a warm water bath and gently apply dish soap to the affected area. 
  • Wash the affected area of your hair nicely and properly. Rinse it well.
  • You can apply it if there is epoxy resin on the scalp. Immediately take it out if it feels like the epoxy is flaking out.  If the epoxy parts start wearing off, you can use a comb to remove the epoxy residue. 
  • Do this first before resorting to any other methods. Wear gloves while doing this, and ensure the dish soap or the epoxy does not get in your eyes. 
  • This method can work for both – cured and uncured epoxy resin. The focus must be on the epoxy resin. 


2. Remove with the help of Acetone.

  • Acetone is one way to remove epoxy from your hair. Take a cloth or cotton ball and pour acetone on it. Dab it on the affected area sporadically but be careful, as acetone can cause irritation. Apply it mainly on the epoxy resin. 
  • If epoxy is on strands of hair, apply it carefully to that area. Separate the strands and take the epoxy off while doing so with your hands or a comb.  
  • If epoxy is on the scalp, it is best to avoid applying acetone directly on it, as this may irritate the scalp. Only put it on the layers of hair. 
  • Ensure the room where you do it is well-ventilated. Open the doors or windows so that there is a passage for air. Also, wear gloves while removing. 
  • This method works well with uncured epoxy resin. 


3. With the use of turpentine or vinegar.

  • This method is similar to applying the acetone, and one must be very careful while using it. This can also irritate the scalp. So, gently apply it with a cotton pad or a clean cloth. 
  • You can also try vinegar or vinegar oil. Apply it only on the epoxy resin area. This will work only if the resin has not hardened.
  • Do this in a well-ventilated with gloves on and ensure it does not go in your eyes. But only apply this on the epoxy resin. 


4. Seek medical help.

  • The best way to evade the problem is to rush to the hospital immediately. If you are worried, it is best to seek a professional’s help. The sooner, the better.


How to avoid epoxy getting on my hair?

  • Wear a protective cap while working with epoxy resin. 
  • If you have long hair, tie or make a bun and put it in the protective cap. 
  • Use clips on the hair coming out for maximum protection from epoxy.



It is best advised to be careful while working with epoxy. While removing it from your hair is not impossible, precaution is always better than cure. Make sure to follow these methods carefully so that there is no damage to the scalp and hair. Here is a summarised list of ways you can do to remove it from your hair:

  • A warm water bath with dish soap. 
  • Remove with the help of Acetone.
  • With the use of turpentine or vinegar.
  • Seek medical help.

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