Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT2 review: Best earphones under Rs 2,500?

So, if you checked out our review of the Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT1 and ATH-SPORT1iS, you would know that we have the four Audio-Technica products with us and we are reviewing them one by one. Today, I am going to review the Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT2, the second in-ear headphone from the Sonic Sport series.



First of all, let’s get a brief intro about the product. The product, which is priced at Rs 2,299, is made for people who are very active and wish to chill out with music while jogging or working out at gym. It is sweat-proof and washable (not completely). So, I am not going to waste your time any more… let’s jump right into the review!



Let’s start with the build quality and overall appearance. You would already know that the ATH-SPORT2 is an in-ear-headphone/earphone and it is far more attractive than other earphones hanging around under this price range.

These are available in colors like red, black, yellow and blue. So, you can see that we’ve got the yellow one here but it’s not exactly yellow, but a lighter shade of yellow, we may call it light neon.


Unlike the previous models, this one doesn’t have a 3D swing ear hanger but it does come with silicon housing rings. Audio-Technica has provided 3 different sizes for the same as they look good and are made to secure the earphones. You also get two types of ear tips –fine and active. The fine tips are the normal ones for casual use. In case you are outdoors, jogging or driving, then the active ones would be good for use as they allow ambient noise.

The ATH-SPORT2 is a U-type headphone i.e. the right cord is longer, in order to swing the cord from around your neck. If I talk about the cord-tangling, I didn’t face such issues with this model. The cord is thin and wavy, so it took less than three seconds to straighten the cords.

The 3.5mm plug is gold plated and L-shaped, just like its cheaper brothers.  The cords can be adjusted according to your wish and there is a clip too, which you can attach to your shirt. I don’t think these features need much explanation.

Finally, I think that if Audio-Technica provided de-attachable 3D swing ear hanger with these, then they would be awesomely perfect. I know that these are yet to be invented but I think there should be something by which they can perfectly sit in the ears. I tried all the tips and the housing rings, but wasn’t satisfied. They were still loose; (didn’t fall off) the large fine tips were nice to listen to songs, but they were painful.

The earphones are attractive but have a cheap look as they don’t have something different to show off.


The ATH-SPORT2 is IPX5 certified but are not completely water-proof. It cannot be dipped in water, but it is sweat-proof and can be washed but the main unit shouldn’t come in contact with water.


I actually use my Sony MDR-V55 over-ear-headphones for my usual work or even when I listen to my favorite tracks. The thing that surprised me is that the ATH-SPORT2 was not that bad when compared to the Sony ones. But we can’t actually compare these two as there is a reasonable price difference between the two and they are two different types of headphones. The reason I brought the Sony one here was because I love bass and those were made for bass and so is the ATH-SPORT2.

I listened to my favorite playlist, which had some nice songs including some raps, rock music and more. I loved the audio clarity but you could get better clarity by holding the earphones with your hands so that the ear tips get more close to your ear drums, but you know holding is not an option here.

I loved the bass production of the ATH-SPORT2 as they were clear, hit hard and was not grainy, unlike the previous models. Just like the above mentioned issue, if you hold them while slightly pushing them, then the bass will be better.


Talking of the volume, I listened to all the tracks at 25% volume as the earphones were already loud and I didn’t feel the need to increase the volume until some bass came.

I listened to Animals –by Martin Garrix at full volume while slightly pushing the in-ear-headphones inwards. The bass was loud, and it was like sub-woofers banging in my ears. Do this if you want to beat your ear drums until they break. (I am not recommending)


I didn’t experience sound leaking issues except when the headphones played at 93% and above.


Actually I did like its audio quality but I found it is not suitable for listening to music while working out. I would love it if it had the hanger but everyone has different sizes of ears, so it’s up to you if you could manage with the options provided. Otherwise, I would select the Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT2 as the best in-ear-headphones under Rs 2,500.

Anand B


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