Microsoft may reveal the Phone-Laptop Hybrid on Wednesday

Reports suggest that, Microsoft will launch its phone-laptop hybrid at the Windows 10 event on Wednesday. The company will also showcase Windows 10 consumer preview and a beta build of Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets.

Other report says Microsoft will be introducing new hardware for enterprise customers at the Windows 10 press briefing. The hardware is said to be in development stage.

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microsoft hybrid

The company says “Microsoft will show a single code base inside the software that will allow an app to run well on phones, tablets and PCs, as opposed to being optimised for one screen size,”

Microsoft also has plans to launch a single Windows app store, instead of the two separate stores – Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.

“Microsoft also plans to introduce new hardware, with some set to appear this week and a phone-laptop hybrid that might appeal to enterprise customers being developed for further in the future,”

Windows 10 Microsoft will go with unified naming convention across Windows devices and for factors, it is not been officially disclosed.

Senior leaders from the ‘Operating Systems Group’ including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer, and CEO Satya Nadella willl be present at the event.


Vishal Kawadkar


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