App to smarten your brain about fitness

Forget wearable fitness devices. Here is an app that makes your brain sharp about health.

Loaded with 10,000 different health-related questions spanning across more than 300 different topics, the app called Health IQ informs you about things that educate you about general health concerns, Wall Street Journal reported.

You can take a quiz on something that is relevant to you, say gluten-free eating or yoga and find out how much you really know about the topic.

At the end of each quiz, you are given a score based on your answers as well as a rating that compares your score to others who have taken the same test.

Available on Apple’s app store, Heath IQ has expert-generated questions which indirectly push you to prove you are actually involved in a particular lifestyle.

“We have developed these really interesting experiential questions that really test if you are doing something,” app developer Munjal Shah was quoted as saying.

When you get a question wrong within the Health IQ app, you can instantly read articles online about the topic to learn more.

You can also set goals within the app like losing weight or building flexibility.



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