CREO announces new update to its FUEL OS

CREO 4G smartphone

CREO 4G smartphone
Domestic consumer technology company CREO on Wednesday announced the July update to its indigenous Android-based operating system “FUEL OS” that powers its flagship smartphone “Mark 1”.

The latest update is aimed at letting users reclaim privacy on their smartphones. It provides a deep integrated privacy setting that allows users to lock apps and hide photos and videos in a secret hidden folder.

Nearly 66.7 per cent of the Fuel OS community members said that they would use pro-privacy features that allowed them to lock apps and hide photos and videos.

“The July update to Fuel OS is designed to give users privacy with the toggle of a button,” said Sai Srinivas, CEO and co-founder, CREO, in a statement.

This is the third OS update since the launch of the operating system in April this year. IANS