ZTE mobile device biz posts 40% surge in Q3 2014 revenue

ZTE on Monday said its mobile device business reported 40 percent increase in Q3 2014 revenue supported smart devices and 4G terminals.

The company’s mobile devices include smartphones, data cards, mobile hotspots, fixed wireless terminals, tablets, etc.

The Chinese mobile network company said the sales volume of smart devices account for 77 percent of total sales against 68 percent in Q3 2013.

ZTE did not share specific data on smartphone shipments during Q3 2014.

For comparison, Huawei, one of the Chinese rivals of ZTE, last week said it has shipped 16.8 million smartphones in Q3 2014.

Ascend P7 and Ascend Mate7 contributed to the success of smartphone shipments for Huawei. On top of this, shipment of devices rose 26 percent to 32.03 million in Q3 2014. The mid- to high-end devices grew 162 percent, comprising 26 percent of total shipments.

Ascend P7 and Mate7 fuel Huawei smartphone sales to 16.8 mn in Q3 2014

In Q3 2014, Huawei Consumer business grew 32 percent in the Middle East and Africa, 98 percent in Asia Pacific and 51 percent in Latin America. In 2014, Huawei has expanded its smartphone presence across emerging phone markets.

ZTE 4G terminals rose 16 percent and accounted for 38 percent of terminal products.

Shipments of ZTE developed chips such as the ZTE 7505/7510 chips exceeded two million units in the first three quarters of 2014.

ZTE STAR 1 launch in Malaysia
ZTE smartphone ASP (average selling price) rose 8 percent and global active users reached a total of 68 million.

ZTE ranks fourth in the North American mobile and smartphone market and second in the pre-paid arena, as well as being a top-3 player among Canadian operators.

ZTE is the largest Chinese mobile phone manufacturer in the U.S., where it recently launched ZTE ZMAX phablet.

According to a GfK report, the ZTE Star 1 (European Edition) ranked number one in terms of sales in Turkey.

In the Asia Pacific market, shipments of smartphones increased 100 percent and channel revenue grew 130 percent.

In Latin America, sales of ZTE mainstream smart terminals grew 580 percent.

In the Middle East and Africa, ZTE smart terminals grew 400 percent.

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