ZTE and E-Plus partner for Voice-over LTE 

ZTE is cooperating with mobile telecommunications company E-Plus on the deployment of an IP multimedia service (IMS) for a commercial voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service in the E-Plus network.

VoLTE provides high-quality voice services for end users through the IMS core network. It uses 4G LTE’s high-speed mobile communications technology.

ZTE and E-Plus have spread out the IMS core network in a few months and have already started testing VoLTE services for commercial use in the E-Plus network, the company said.

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In addition to delivering good voice quality, VoLTE helps improve user experience as compared to CSFB (circuit switched fall back) technology that makes voice calls fall back to the 3G network.

ZTE to unveil Grand Memo II LTE with 6 inch screenFor 4G LTE users to use uninterrupted voice services, the eSRVCC (enhanced single RAN voice call continuity) helps for switching voice services from the 4G IMS network to the 3G CS network.

It ensures that when a 4G LTE user migrates from a place covered by the 4G network to a place with no 4G network, the user’s voice services can be easily switched to the 3G network.

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“It has become a tradition that E-Plus, with our strategic partner ZTE, leads the market in introducing new technologies in the core network. The introduction of IMS in such a short time is a true masterpiece by ZTE,” said Christoph Bladoschewski, department manager Voice and Services at E-Plus.

ZTE has been providing 3G and 4G radio products, PS (packet switch) and EPC (enhanced packet core) products and iVAS (integrated value-added services) products for E-Plus since 2009.

E-Plus is also named ZTE as the “Best Supplier” in 2013. The commercial UMTS network and PS core network have been deployed with ZTE’s devices in the existing E-Plus network, and the LTE network and the EPC were available for commercial use in early 2014.



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