Xiaomi shakes global smartphone market

After displacing Apple in China, Xiaomi has grabbed the attention of the world by capturing 5 percent market share, which has placed the company comfortably in fifth position.

According to Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi, popularly known as Chinese Apple, has shipped around 15.1 million units in the second quarter of 2014, which is far ahead of its previous year 4.1 million shipment. Xiaomi had only 1.8 percent market share a year back.

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Huawei has made substantial progress, as the company shipped around 20.1 million smartphones against 11.1 million units in Q2 2013. Huawei market share rose to 6.8 percent. Huawei is making strong gains in the high-growth LTE market with models such as the Ascend P7.

Meanwhile, there is no change in the top positions, as Samsung and Apple reached first and second respectively, despite losing their market share.

Samsung has shipped around 74.5 million units to gain a market share of 25.2 percent. A year ago, the company had shipped around 76 million units with a market share of 32.6 percent. Apple, on the other hand, lost its shares from 13.4 percent to 11.9 percent. However, the company has managed to make some progress in device shipment, as Apple shipped around 35.2 million units against 31.2 million in Q2 2013.

Lenovo is struggling in the fast-emerging LTE segment and as a result its global smartphone market share growth was almost flat at around the 5 percent. Lenovo’s smartphone growth has more than halved in the past year and its rapid expansion seen in recent quarters is coming to an end, the report said.

LG, which held the 5th position, has slipped down to 6th with 4.9 market share, despite shipping 14.5 million units against 12.1 million a year ago. LG is performing relatively well in the United States and Europe, but it continues to lag in the huge China and India markets.



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