XcelMobility launches cloud-connected smartwatch

XcelMobility on Thursday announced the launch of Companion Solution, a cloud-connected smartwatch.

The company claims that the Companion Solution expands the market opportunity for Xcel’s smartwatch.

The cloud-connected system enables the smartwatch to always be connected to Xcel’s national cloud computer network offering 24/7 services to the user. This means additional protection to the user, said XcelMobility in a statement.

For instance, the Companion Solution will offer real-time monitoring of children and the elderly by combining Xcel’s national cloud network, smartwatch and advanced location based technologies into the world’s most advanced two-way, real-time/all-the-time monitoring system.

XcelMobility launches cloud-connected smartwatch

In addition, the Companion Solution enables essential monitoring and communications for the extensive security workforce population, both private and public. It is a Dick Tracey smartwatch application allowing for direct two-way communications with remote security forces anywhere and anytime.

The CCwatch, initially recognized for being China’s first smartwatch with a Mandarin language voice command system, is the core technology of the Companion Solution.

CCwatch has all the features of a high-end Android smartphone, including 2G/3G data connectivity, a 1.3GHz dual core processor, 1.54” TFT display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC connectivity, Audio Speaker & Microphone, and a 5Mpixel camera.



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