UC Browser 9.5 for Android released

UCWeb has released UC Browser 9.5 for Android.

UC Browser 9.5 includes support for more languages and fonts on web pages, a Web Application Center, an Image Viewer feature for webpages and more.

With UC Browser 9.5, users can download 15 percent faster on 3G and Wi-Fi compared with the previous version of the browser. Performance on 2G networks has also been accelerated to provide users with a smoother browsing experience.

To achieve the fastest download speed, UC Browser utilizes segmented file transfer and multi-threaded downloading technologies to split a single file into separate parts and download those parts simultaneously through multiple channels, while maximizing download efficiency based on the user’s network.

UC Browser 9.5 for Android released

For UC Browser 9.5, algorithms for downloading have been further optimized to enhance the efficiency of fetching data from servers. In addition, the efficiency of writing files to storage has also been improved.

UC Browser for Android supports more languages on web pages, including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and more. When browsing a web page displaying a language that your phone does not support, UC Browser will display a pop-up requesting permission to download the language. UC Browser for Android is now compatible with more fonts as well.

A Web Application Center has been built into UC Browser 9.5 to embrace the rise of web apps. You can now add your favorite web apps to UC Browser and enjoy mobile life without worrying about constantly downloading, installing and updating.

A diverse selection of add-ons are available on the Add-on Platform for UC Browser, including Facebook Photo Uploader, which makes sharing photos on Facebook a breeze, and other useful tools including Translator, Screenshot Taker, Gesture Controller, and more.

Download management feature unlocks the power of your phone as a downloading tool and resource grabber. You can download multiple files simultaneously, download in the background with complete peace of mind, get automatic reconnection when the download is disrupted, and leverage UCWeb’s cloud storage to save storage space and lost time for failed or repeated downloads.



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