Timex Group to launch smartwatch on Qualcomm platform

Timex Group is set to launch a smartwatch with cellular connectivity and a high-visibility display from chip vendor Qualcomm, Reuters reported.

The Dutch watchmaker said in a news release on Tuesday the Ironman One GPS+ includes tracking features that can communicate the wearer’s location to friends as well as report speed and distance travelled.

Timex’s move into smartwatches is among the first by traditional watchmakers and follows products from electronics companies including Samsung Electronics and Sony that have failed to make major inroads with consumers.

Timex plans smartwatch on Qualcomm platform

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Unlike earlier smartwatches, Timex’s watch has its own cellular connection to AT&T’s network, letting it transmit data without having to be connected to a smartphone.

The device, due out later this year, is made with a chipset from Qualcomm as well as Qualcomm’s Mirasol low-power display technology, which can easily be viewed in direct sunlight.

Last year, Qualcomm launched its own Toq smartwatch to showcase Mirasol, which in the past has faced production problems and has not caught on widely among device makers.

Pix: Old file photo from Timex




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