Sony Accy MN2 smart watch gets a price cut

Sony Accy MN2 smart watch is now available for a price of Rs 6,999 from the earlier price of Rs 7,999.

This means the plans of Samsung to launch its Gear smart watch has an impact on Sony Accy MN2 smart watch in India.

Popular ecommerce site has listed Sony Accy MN2 smart watch.

Samsung Gear smart watch will be unveiled in September, the smartphone major said.

Sony Accy MN2 smart watch works with both Sony and non-Sony Android-based smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung Gear smart watch works with only Samsung phones.

Sony Accy MN2 smart watch can be used to read your latest text messages, emails and Facebook and Twitter updates and see who’s trying to reach you, even when your phone’s at the bottom of your bag.

Sony’s smart watch is compatible with most 0.79 wristbands leaving you free to create a look all your own.

Sony smartwatch india price

Sony Accy MN2 smart watch specifications

  • Dimension – 36mm x 36mm x 8mm
  • Weight – 26g
  • Operating Range – 10m
  • Bluetooth – yes
  • Android – yes
  • Power low usage – one week
  • Typical usage – 3-4 days
  • Charging connector – USB cable


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