Smartphone owners in US, Britain prefer 5.3-inch screens

Smartphone user in Middle East image by Ooredoo Maldives

Smartphone user in Middle East image by Ooredoo Maldives
Smartphone users in the US and Britain prefer handsets with 5.3-inch screen displays, a new study says.

According to global analytic research firm Strategy Analytics, while Android users were more likely to favour a larger screen size, Apple’s iPhone users were satisfied with more humble device sizes, reported.

Most smartphone owners across the spectrum expressed interest in getting one with a display that is larger than the one they are currently using.

“While interest in larger displays is considerable for current consumers it is still imperative to keep in mind that a device with good ‘fit in hand’ is important,” said Monica Wong, author of the report.

“Strategy Analytics has found previously that mobile devices with a thinner bezel, optimising display, while still fitting well in hand overall, has far more appeal to consumers,” she noted.

According to Paul Brown, director of mobile device UX at Strategy Analytics, the findings show that long-lasting batteries is one of main features that consumers look for in a mobile.

The data regarding screen size preferences was collected in the first half of this year.