Smartphone fire: now iPhone 5 catches fire on plane

An iPhone 5 caught fire as a flight was preparing to embark on a trip from Tel-Aviv, Israel, to Prague, Czech Republic.

According to a report by, the phone belonged to a Yardin Levi. The flight was evacuated during boarding when Yardin Levi and a fellow passengers noticed the burning phone.

150 passengers had to evacuate the aircraft and the officials checked the aircraft. No one was hurt during this incident.

iPhone 5

Yardin Levi had to leave her burnt phone in Israel and everyone else was re boarded on the plane.

There is no explanation on the cause of the phone burning.

This is not the first time an iPhone has caught fire; previously a 13 year old girl suffered second degree burns when an iPhone 5c instantly caught fire in her pocket, while another iPhone 4 caught fire in an Australian plane in another occasion.

Similar incidents were reported with other popular brands as well. Earlier there were reports about Samsung Galaxy S4 burning which caused fire. A couple suffered minor burns and the entire apartment complex had to be evacuated because of the possibility of the fire spreading.

Recently a girl found her Samsung Galaxy S4 burnt. This happened due to overcharging of the battery. The girl was alarmed by the smell of the burning phone.

A Samsung customer also posted a video of a phone catching fire when on charge. Reportedly Samsung demanded the video to be removed if the customer wanted a replacement and not to reveal circumstances or make any possible future claims against Samsung.

Vishal Kawadkar


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