Samsung unveils Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games mobile app

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games mobile app, Wireless Olympic Works (WOW).

Samsung said its Public WOW app provides real-time access to event schedules, latest reports on results, medal standings and Olympic records to sports fans.

Public WOW is an extension of Samsung’s custom WOW for the Olympic Family, which is a wireless communications platform developed to ensure smarter communications and smoother, wireless operations of the Olympic Winter Games by offering news and information about the Games to officials and staffs.

All Android users worldwide can download Samsung’s Public WOW app via the Samsung App store and Google Play, obtaining unprecedented access to the excitement of the Olympic Winter Games.


Components of the Samsung WOW app allow fans to design their own Olympic Winter Games experience in the following ways:

Personalize your own Olympic Winter Games updates plan

Samsung’s WOW app for Sochi 2014 offers highly personalized, live Games-time updates ranging from medal counts to big moments that can be pushed to users’ phones in real time. And a new cheering service will allow fans to send cheers to support their favorite athletes and countries.

Share your celebrations with social network features

Users can upload text and images instantly to share with other WOW app users and with their social networks, creating a global community around shared interests in the Olympic Winter Games and winter sports. Languages supported for the Public WOW app include Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Learn about Olympic sports with an interactive, visual guide

The app offers information on all 15 winter sports at Sochi 2014 through a highly visual and engaging graphic user interface. A Visual Sports Guide will provide tutorials on each sport, including rules, equipment details and many other points of interest bring people closer to the excitement of the Olympic Winter Games.

Get the most out of your Sochi visit with an Olympic Winter Games venue guide

Fans attending the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will have access to a location-based Olympic Winter Games venue guide through the Samsung WOW technology. The guide offers Olympic venue information and navigation services so visitors can feel truly integrated into the Olympic Winter Games experience on the ground.

As part of the Samsung Smart Olympic Games Initiative, Samsung will provide around 18,000 mobile devices to the Olympic Family, including executives, staff, and officials from the IOC, National Olympic Committees and organizing committees in Sochi. They will be connected to Samsung’s WOW service which will provide up-to-date Games Time data and connectivity.

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