Samsung may install Lookout security software on new Android phones

Samsung Electronics may install security software from Lookout on new phones running Android software from Google.

Behind the move, says Samsung, is a reality that phones now face thousands of their own viruses, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Samsung is the smartphone market leader.

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Samsung and Lookout announced a partnership to bring Lookout to mobile devices with Samsung KNOX.

Samsung KNOX is an end-to-end solution that provides security hardening from the hardware through to the application layer.

Lookout for KNOX will include real-time, cloud-based scanning to protect against mobile threats from email attachments, web browsing, and any type of file sharing services.

More than half of Fortune 1000 companies have employees using Lookout on their mobile devices already, and more than 45 million people worldwide use Lookout.

In partnership with Samsung, the KNOX platform retains full compatibility with Android and the Google ecosystem while engineering fundamental security and management enhancements, including its application container technology that enables enterprises to support both BYOD and Corporate-Liable models, without compromising corporate security or employee privacy.


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