Samsung India to announce ChatON instant messaging strategies and 3.5 version on Wednesday

Samsung India will announce its instant messaging (IM) strategies and the updated 3.5 version of ChatON on Wednesday.

ChatON 3.5 IM was announced globally in the first week of April.

The new version of its instant messaging has several India specific features.

Version 3.5 enables you to do translation between Hindi and English.

ChatON supports a range of mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, as well as other feature phones and via a PC.

The 3.5 version of ChatON offers enhanced features including recalling sent messages and large file sharing up to 1GB.

Samsung Electronics earlier said ChatON v.3.5 offers recalling messages that allows users to recall messages they have sent to a friend in 1:1 chat rooms, even if the receiver has already read them. The sender can tap and hold the message bubble and select ‘Recall’ to make the message disappear.

Samsung Chat On India

ChatON v.3.5 feature, which was recently demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress 2014, allows people to share their real-time location with their ChatON buddies for a specified period through the integration with the Glympse application.

In addition, ChatON v.3.5 will start supporting large file sharing up to 1GB, allowing users to share multimedia contents and information. Samsung said it will feature increased capacity for group chats, increasing the upper limit from 200 to 1,001 persons, allowing people to organize events and publicize activities.

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