Samsung Galaxy S4 India’s favorite smartphone: poll’s first poll result says Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most favorite smartphone in India.

41.14 percent respondents — at’s poll hosted on its website — voted for Samsung Galaxy S4.


In the second position is HTC One with 33.54 percent respondents selecting the new smartphone.

Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z smartphone came in third position with 25.32 percent voting for it.’s poll was live for more than 15 days. One person (one computer / tablet / smartphone) with IP could vote for this poll. This was to avoid manipulation. More than 95 percent of the response came from India., which is emerging as the favorite website for news on smartphones reviews, latest launches, deals and latest prices, will be conducting polls on regular basis.

The new site, which attracted more than 10,000 unique visitors in its current beta testing, has added two more new polls.


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