Samsung drives growth of large-screen smartphones: Canalys

Large-screen smartphones, 5-inch and above, have gained momentum in the third quarter, said Canalys. Samsung is driving the demand for large-screen phones.

Smartphones with 5-inch and above, now account for 22 percent of shipments or 56 million units.

Breaking this down further, 66 percent of the 56 million smart phones had a 5-inch display, 31 percent had screens between 5-inch and 6-inch, while 3 percent had 6-inch or larger screens, Canalys said.

India Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG are the top five smartphone vendors in the world in the third quarter of 2013.

The 6-inch-plus segment will be boosted next quarter by Nokia’s arrival, but this market won’t develop quickly unless Samsung invests marketing dollars to push its Galaxy Mega range.

Over the next year, Asia Pacific is expected to continue to lead the demand for large-screen smart phones due to the nature of emerging markets there.

Low PC and home broadband penetration, a high level of mobile network use, and low Wi-Fi network penetration in these countries limit the presence and functionality of Wi-Fi tablets.

Canalys expects smart phones with screens between 4.1-inch and 5-inch will be most popular with consumers in 2014 as they offer the best balance between portability and legibility.

Samsung was the leading vendor across all regions except North America, where Apple held the top spot. These two vendors account for almost 70 percent of the market there. LG held onto third place in North America, while Nokia has moved from eighth to fourth place after making gains from its competitors with its new flagship products, the Lumia 1020 and 925.’


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