Samsung advises users to disable the faulty texting app

Samsung has suffered a lot due to technical problems in their smartphones in recent years. To recall, the company has suffered a loss of billions of dollar due to the Galaxy Note 7 fire issue. Meanwhile, another serious malfunction has engulfed the users of Samsung mobiles.

The glitch came into notice when one of the S9 users reportedly wrote on Reddit that his entire photo gallery was sent on his girlfriend’s mobile. The shocking part of it all was that the sent photos had no record backing it. The pictures were sent late night at 2.30 am but left no proof or log. This was one of the cases amongst the others that came into light.

Many Reddit users have confirmed the occurrence. A husband reported that his entire gallery was transported to his wife’s phone a day before his wife’s phone delivers her gallery to her husband. These messages are actually been sent out by the faulty Samsung messaging app. The app also doesn’t show any record in the sent messages section. They only get to know when the recipient has actually told them about it. Samsung has already started its R&D on this technical glitch.

The issue comes just after an upgrade of the SMS app in the galaxy store. Also, since the records are completely erased, there is just no inkling of its incidence. The users are now asking for replacements and are ready to own another phone in exchange for this piece of risk.

According to bronx.news12, “Officials are recommending all Samsung users disable the app’s ability to access storage, or don’t use the app at all.”

Shailesh Sharma


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