Print photos from your smartphone, wirelessly

It is a scanner and printer not much bigger than a smartphone. The SnapJet scans images directly from your smartphone screen and prints them out on Polaroid 300 or Fujifilm Instax paper.

“Smartphone displays like iPhone’s retina display have achieved amazing resolutions and they are all carefully colour corrected. The light emitted from them could produce a beautiful print on instant film – if only there was a way to focus that light,” writes the SnapJet team on its website.

“SnapJet combines vintage analog instant film and cutting-edge fibre optic technology to do just that. It is a modern reinvention of a beautiful, artistic and expressive medium,” they added.

The makers claim a resolution of 1200 dots per inch (dpi) for the scanner.

The sleek machine uses optical fibres instead of a lens to scan photos and is compatible with all phone sizes.

Just place your phone face down on the Snapjet and it will finish the work.

The developers hope to make their next printer seven-mm thick and see to it that it does not require a charger.

It is available for $129 (Rs.7,960) and shipping to India is only $18 (Rs.1,110).

The makers hope to deliver it by December 2015 — so it will take at least a year to get your hands on the product.



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