PND manufacturers eye opportunity in cycling and golf

With the Personal Navigation Devise market continuing its bad run, original equipment manufacturers are looking for new opportunities in cycling, eyewear, golf and personal tracking, says ABI.

In its Location Device Market Research, ABI said that the total market for dedicated GPS devices in 2013 was estimated at 35 million units. This is likely to grow almost 30 percent over the forecast period, despite accelerated declining Western PND markets. The ominous threat of converged wearables will certainly eat into the available market, but it is not expected to have the same dramatic effect as smartphone apps had on PNDs.

“GPS Fitness watches are not expected to suffer significant revenue declines over the forecast period despite the presence of smartwatches and smart eyewear. Clearly GPS-enabled eyewear has huge potential, while cycling computers is a market companies like Polar Pioneer, Magellan, and DeLorme have all moved into in the past 18 months,” Patrick Connolly, senior analyst, ABI.

“New markets are also emerging around action cameras and eBikes, with Garmin, Bosch and TEASI all active. There are also signs that innovation around NFC (Active Mind Technology) and BLE (Qualcomm) can drive new growth in the golf and personal tracking spaces, with GPS IC vendors like CSR and uBlox seeing significant growth in the latter over the past 12 months,” he added.


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