Pixel XL 2 hit by dangerous screen burn-in; Google in a fix

According to Alex Dobie of Android Central, the Pixel XL 2 that he has consists of screen burn-in.

Google unveiled its Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 on October 4. A week later, the company began sending out review units to leading publications so that they can give their verdict on the product’s performance. Experts started noticing disturbances with the smartphone’s display. The smartphone was already known to feature a muddy color and grainy textures. But the problem pointed out by Android Central could potentially destroy Pixel XL 2’s impression.

According to Alex Dobie of Android Central, the Pixel XL 2 that he has consists of screen burn-in. He took to Twitter to express his disappointment over this. He said that the sides of the smartphone’s navigation buttons has faint, reddish outlines. He even posted an image as proof of what he experienced.

This is not the first Android smartphone to feature this problem. It is worrisome because the problem is showing up within a week of the device’s launch. It is too early for issues like screen burn-in to emerge on the handset. There is a possibility that the problem has got nothing to do with the smartphone’s hardware. It may merely be a case of image retention. If this turns out to be true then Google will be able to solve it with a simple software update. For this purpose, the company needs to investigate the matter in length.

According to Google officials, the problem could be attributed to the phone display. Pixel XL 2 features a display that is powered by the POLED technology, and so the issue may arise due to its QHD+ resolution, high contrast ratio for natural/beautiful colors and wide color gamut.

If Google admits to the Pixel XL 2 featuring the screen burn-in problem, then it truly is a big issue. Those smartphones which feature the OLED screen do end up exhibiting the burn-in screen in time. But it usually takes the smartphones years for such a problem to even show up. The search giant is actively investigating whether all their units are affected by the problem or only a few bunch. Additional information on this matter will show up online soon.

Shailesh Sharma



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