Panasonic smartphones to come with WeChat apps

Panasonic on Wednesday said its upcoming smartphones will come with WeChat apps.

Panasonic has also opened an Official Account on WeChat called Panasonic Smart. WeChat’s Official Accounts feature can be utilized by companies and merchants to build interactivity with their fans.


WeChat has 70 million international registered user accounts.

With features like Voice Messaging, WeChat is re-defining the way people communicate with each other.

“Social networking and messaging apps, which continue to grow in popularity, are the best ways to provide our customers with an enhanced user experience,” said Manish Sharma, managing director, Panasonic India.

“With the new initiative with Panasonic, WeChat is being brought closer to one of the leading brands globally. We believe that joining hands with Panasonic will further boost the strong consumer connect that users can enjoy in India,” said Dennis Hau, head of International Product Center at Tencent.


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