Nokia Lumia to sponsor ocean exploration Mission 31

Nokia Lumia will be the lead sponsor of Mission 31, a new ocean exploration.

Fabien Cousteau, grandson to legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, will be leading the mission and live and work underwater for 31 days at a depth of 20 meters below sea level, Nokia said.

As the technology sponsor for Mission 31, Nokia Lumia mobile devices will support all aspects of life inside and outside Aquarius, the underwater home. Features of Nokia Lumia allow the aquanauts to work seamlessly in extreme environments and stay connected to life on the surface.

Nokia Lumia 2520 to sponsor ocean exploration

The Lumia functionality will be an integral support for the mission capture high quality images using the 41megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020, with underwater camera housing or to document scientific achievements during a dive via Microsoft Office on the Nokia Lumia 2520.

Additionally, the aquanauts will also be able to stay connected to social channels through the Nokia Lumia 1520 to ensure that every aspect of the innovative exploration can be captured and shared.

Mission 31 is due to splash down on May 2014 located 9 miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. The project will be powered by Nokia Lumia enabling you to join in and follow this adventure online throughout the 31 days.


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