MWC 2018: What to expect from top smartphone companies

Here’s the glimpse at the offers from top smartphone companies at MWC 2018.


All eyes will be on Samsung as the company will launch Galaxy S9 on February 25, a day before MWC 2018. However, the company might launch few other models and accessories at the event.


There will be no launching of any phone at the event, as per the reports. Meanwhile, the US tech giant is reportedly preparing to unveil HomePod smart speaker and new a smartwatch.


Sony could launch Xperia XZ Premium, company’s flagship smartphone. Notably, Sony has launched a number of smartphones at CES 2018 in January; it means there might not be the launching of any mid-range smartphone at MWC 2018.


The Chinese company is expected to launch P11 Lite and larger P11 Plus at the event, cheaper version of Huawei P10 and Huawei P11 respectively.


LG is known to launch phones at MWC, in 2017, the company has unveiled LG G6. The company is expected to continue its streak at the event with the launching of LG G7, the flagship smartphone. On the contrary, there are reports which deny the G7 launching and suggest to the debut of an advanced version of LG V30 at the event.


HTC is likely to showcase HTC Vive, the VR device. There is no information available regarding the launch of any smartphones.

Shailesh Sharma


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