Motorola launches Moto X on Flipkart channel, prices at Rs 23,999 in India

Motorola today priced Moto X at Rs 23,999. The smartphone is available through Flipkart, an online channel, in India.

The Rs 23,999 priced Moto X will be available in Woven Black, Woven White, Cherry Red, Royal Blue, and Turquoise Green.

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However, wood-finish editions like Walnut finish and Teak finish will cost you Rs 25,999.

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Motorola moto X

In October 2013, ABI Research said Moto X smartphone from Google-owned Motorola Mobility is feature rich than the recently launched Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s show minor improvements over last year’s iPhone 5.

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Motorola Mobility’s 3rd quarter offering, the Moto X, shows a number of creative engineering solutions, while  the iPhone 5c sports a new housing material in a variety of colors. The 5s keeps the original housing but adds finger print ID, a sensor hub, and a dual-core 64b processor: all of which have all been seen before.

Finger print ID was first introduced in handsets by Motorola a few years back on the ATRIX HD 4G; sensor hubs have been populating most of the new smartphones throughout all of 2013 (STm being one of the popular ones).

Moto X has a curved back, designed to fit your hand. With Google Now, Moto X tells you what you need to know when you need to know it. With two flicks of your wrist, Moto X becomes your camera and captures the shots you used to miss. It’s ready when you are.

To use your Moto X, you only need your voice. Without touching it at all, you can get directions, set an alarm or do just about anything—just by talking. Say “OK Google Now” to get started. Ask it if you need an umbrella and it gives you up-to-the-minute weather for your location. Tell it you’re going home, and your Moto X will get you there. Because it knows your voice, Moto X can do things other phones can’t.

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