Mobile World Congress 2015: What to expect from Microsoft

Microsoft is hosting a press conference on 2 March at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015), where it is most likely to announce some new devices.

This is the first Mobile World Congress since Microsoft closed its acquisition of Nokia’s phone business for nearly $8 billion.

The company will discuss mobility across devices, what’s next for Lumia and how organizations of all sizes can use the productivity that helps them achieve more.

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Many reports suggest that, Microsoft will announce two mid-range Windows Phone handsets, a 5-inch Lumia 640, and a larger Lumia 1330.

There are chances that the new Windows Phone devices launched at MWC will be from Microsoft itself. But Microsoft is expected to save its higher-end phones for later this year after Windows 10 is available.

Microsoft will introduce the Windows 10 Universal App Platform for PC and Mobile Devices. Reports said that Microsoft also worked on creating user experiences that Adapt at Runtime.

The company is also bringing existing Windows apps to the Windows 10 Universal App Platform.

Vishal Kawadkar


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