Microsoft launches 24 new Windows stores in Best Buy Chicago  

Microsoft has announced 24 new Windows stores within Best Buy opening in Chicago. This is in addition to the 13 Windows Stores at Best Buy in Chicago launched in 2013.

Microsoft will start a Windows store only at Best Buy, based on the strategic partnership with Best Buy.

“Our goal is to treat Chicago shoppers to a first class shopping experience, so they walk out of the store with the best device for their lifestyle. We’re excited to offer Chicagoans access to a retail destination that combines a great selection, the latest technology, the best service and the lowest prices,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft will create a Windows store in 500 Best Buy locations across USA and over 100 stores in Canada.

These stores within a store will have a size range from 1500 sq ft to 2200 sq ft. The stores will have a dedicated area for users to check out Surface Pro 3.

The back wall of the store features software and accessories, including Windows 8.1, Office, gift cards, and more.

The users can also explore the latest PCs, tablets, laptops and other Windows products. Full information and specifications of the product will be provided to the customers.

These stores will allow the users to compare between the products and purchase them. The store will also provide users with the accessories of the products.

“Today, the addition of these 24 new stores gives Chicagoans 37 Windows Stores at Best Buy, meaning there’s one near you no matter where you are. With the introduction of the Windows Store only at Best Buy at these new locations, Chicago consumers will have more places than ever to see, try, compare and purchase a range of products and accessories,” Microsoft added.


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