Men shop more via smartphones than women

Your spouse may find it hard to digest this but men are much more likely than women to go beyond browsing on their smartphones to make an actual purchase, says a survey.

Conducted online among 2,013 adults ages 18 and older, the survey from advertising business organisations – Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) global communications and technology leader Verizon, show the gender difference is especially notable within the younger demographic.

“We found that three-quarters (76 percent) of male smartphone users ages 18-34 shop via smartphones in a typical month compared to 59 percent of women in the same age category,” the researchers said in a statement.

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That particular age group is also among the biggest spenders on mobile, with 39 percent of 18-to-34-year-old smartphone users saying they spend at least $51 or more via smartphone in an average month, as compared to 27 percent of overall survey participants.
The study also shows that smartphones are second only to computers among devices used for shopping, with 40 percent of smartphone owners stating that they use their device to research products they are interested in.

“We see this research as reflecting the growing importance of smartphones at consumers’ disposal, signalling an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers at the time and place where they are already holiday shopping – on their phones,” Anna Bager at IAB was quoted as saying.

In addition, with smartphones, tablets and other devices gaining traction as shopping channels all around the year, it is important that “we understand exactly how consumers interact with these screens to research, shop for purchase products, so advertisers can accurately target them in a timely fashion, as they are doing on other media platforms,” Bager said.




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