MapmyIndia Zx350 navigator priced at Rs 15990 in India

MapmyIndia Zx350 navigator, a personal navigation device (PND), will be priced at Rs 15990 in India.

The 5-inch MapmyIndia Zx350 navigator can be paired with car AV system.

The premium navigator offers house-level maps for 50 cities, 3D landmarks & 2D building footprints across 46 cities, over 10.33 million places, street-level maps for 4787 cities connected seamlessly via 1.90 million km of highway and road network.

MapmyIndia Zx350 navigator

It comes with features like music player, movie player, photo album and eBook reader with in-built memory of 2GB and expandable SD card memory slot of 8GB.

It can be used as a reverse camera screen. Bluetooth feature allows it to be paired with smartphone. Users can make and take calls hands-free or enjoy the songs on the car AV system via built-in FM transmitter.


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