MapmyIndia Locate available on Windows Phone 8

MapmyIndia Locate, a people tracking app for mobile phones, is now available on Windows Phone 8.

Earlier, the mobile app, which assist users identify the location of and stay connected with friends, family and work colleagues, was available on Google Android.

MapmyIndia Locate-1

MapmyIndia also announced an exclusive feature to Windows Phone users. This new feature allows you to add up to 10 people you want to keep track of.

The mobile application can be downloaded free from the Windows Phone Store.

Non-Windows phone users can visit the mobile website of MapmyIndia Locate through their phone’s web browser at

“The MapMyIndia Locate app has several unique features including being able to track a preset list of up to 10 people, that are available only to Windows Phone smartphone users,” said Vineet Durani, director – Windows Phone Business Group, Microsoft India.

“Leveraging GPS technology and the amazing Windows phone platform, our endeavor with Locate is to improve the lives of Indians. I feel that the vast user base of Windows Phone would be immensely comforted knowing that their friends, family and staff are safe,” said Rakesh Verma, managing director MapmyIndia.

How to use MapmyIndia Locate?

• The Application has to be downloaded for free from Windows Phone store

• Users  can  then  set/configure  within  the  app,  the  times  and  days  of  the  week  when  their friends/family can locate them

• Once this is done, users can start reporting their visits by checking-in to the app at the locations

• User’s  family/friends  can  then  login  to  their  own  app,  or  visit  the  mobile  site  from  their smartphone browser to gain access to the reports.


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