LG Celebrates 21 years in India with an emotional TVC

LG has recently celebrated its 21st anniversary in India. On this special occasion, the tech giant has launched a new TVC named “Celebrating The New.”

The campaign majorly speaks about innovations and how to adapt those innovations in daily lives. It explains how dreams and innovations can mend all the gaps in the world.

The 4-minute long video shows how a young daughter helps her dad to excel in math’s and how the duo uses some latest technologies while studying.

The new video also showcases some new innovative products by LG. The video very well targets the Indian audience, since it shows a beautiful relationship between an Indian father and his daughter. The company has managed to capture the Indian essence in its campaign while stressing more on the need for innovations.

Amit Gujral, Head Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics India, said that this emotionally driven campaign is a reflection of the brand’s philosophy of making our customers’ dreams come true. He further added that the video carefully shows the emotions and aspirations of a common man and how our dreams can have a long-lasting impact on our lives.

Shailesh Sharma



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