LG adds new developer kit for QSlide Function

LG Electronics on Monday announced that it would expand its app developer program with the launch of a new software development kit (SDK) for LG’s multi-tasking functionality called QSlide Function.

The company said LG QSlide Function SDK will enable developers to elevate multi-tasking capabilities in their new and existing apps to a whole new level. QSlide Function is a unique feature on LG mobile devices from all major wireless carriers that allows end users to view multiple apps simultaneously in separate, resizable windows.

LG QSlide function

Earlier, LG announced LG Device Loaner Program and introduced QRemote SDK.

LG says it will announce more programs for developers.

The LG QSlide SDK Function will enable developers to design Android smartphone apps that can be opened in size-adjustable windows, allowing developers to customize their apps for other useful consumer benefits.

For example, an “always display on top” option provides developers with the ability to decide how content is viewed on the screen. A collection of QSlide Function-compatible apps will soon be available from Google Play and the LG SmartWorld app store.

Main features of LG QSlide Function include:

  • Switching the mode between floating and full screen window
  • Adjusting transparency, size and position of the floating window
  • Customizing styles of the floating window
  • Adding the application’s launch icon to the notification bar

LG QRemote SDK allows developers take advantage of the IR (infrared) remote sensor in devices like LG G Flex and LG G2, to create their own QuickRemote apps which can control multiple, compatible electronic devices including TVs, cable set-top boxes, audio systems and even air conditioners.

LG Loaner Device Program enables developers to access to build and test their apps on the newest LG devices at no cost. By equipping developers with exciting and current software, hardware and app store channels, LG is enabling developers to focus on innovating and monetizing the next great app.



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