KeyPoint’s Adaptxt smart keyboard to come with more Indian tablet and phone brands soon

KeyPoint Technologies’ Adaptxt smart keyboard will be available with a couple of Indian tablets and smartphone makers soon.

At present, HCL Me tablets are available with Adaptxt smart keyboard.

Sumit Goswami, chief executive officer, KeyPoint Technologies UK. On Friday said that the company is in advanced discussions with a couple of phone and tablet makers to integrate the Adaptxt smart keyboard on OEM basis.

However, the company did not disclose the name of the new phone and tablets OEMs.

KeyPoint Technologies’ Adaptxt smart keyboard app, which already allows Android phone and tablet users to customize their keyboards, will be in demand in India since the country has more than 1 billion population speaking several languages.

KeyPoint adaptxt

In fact, KeyPoint Technologies is working on innovating the Adaptxt smart keyboard to address more population and demands of its existing customer base across the globe.

The company’s latest Adaptxt Themeboard Keyboard Customization feature lets users express their own artistic genius by selecting the color of each keyboard element – the primary QWERTY keys, the secondary numeric and symbol keys, the background color of the keyboard as well as the key color.

The current version of Adaptxt features around 90 language dictionaries, from Arabic to Vietnamese, around 40 industry-specific dictionaries for professions such as finance, legal and medical.

The industry-first SMS dictionary provides more than 3,000 shorthand abbreviations – such as lol, btw, gr8 and every1 – to make typing text messages faster while keeping them from exceeding the 160-character limit.


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