Karbonn’s Android phone users to get Start interface

Celltick, a mobile initiated commerce, has joined hands with Indian smartphone vendor Karbonn to launch an interface for Android consumers based on Start.

Celltick will create a custom interface based on its Start application that will become the default start screen interface to Karbonn’s Android phone users.

Celltick’s Start Android interface provides personalized functionality.

Karbonn A18

Start’s recommendation engine learns and adapts the start screen based on big data technology and uses collaborative filtering to individualize the initial configuration, as well as offer ongoing recommendations based on user behavior.

Through Start, mobile users can define their preferences through selection of themes, wallpapers, applications and RSS feeds. Start also offers coupons to mobile users to deliver high value discounts at minimum cost.”

Shashin Devsare, executive director of Karbonn, said: “With Start, we will provide our customers with increased flexibility and complete freedom to personalize their device, while benefiting from faster access to the most relevant features of the device.”



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