Karbonn Mobiles to offer VAS on txtWeb app platform

Indian smartphone vendor Karbonn Mobiles announced its tie-up with txtWeb, a text-based app platform, to offer VAS services including academic content, social networking, sports, breaking news, financial tools, games, etc.

Karbonn Mobiles’ license and distribution agreement will enable the smartphone maker to offer a range of apps via the txtWeb app platform on Karbonn phones.

The smartphone maker will offer such VAS offerings through SMS at 50 paise per query or Rs 1 per day for unlimited queries on subscription.

Karbonn Titanium S9 priceThere’s no need for mobile users to connect to an Internet to access such offerings.

Currently, txtWeb has over 11 million users from India using one or more of the 3500 active apps built by developers and businesses across India.



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