Indian tablet usage trends

3 out of 4 Indian users claim portability / mobility as the trigger to purchase a tablet, said a survey by CyberMedia Research (CMR).

The survey that tracked 3,600 respondents (including 1200 non-users) across the country said that accessing social networking sites and entertainment ‘on the go’ being their preferred activities.

51 percent of tablet users spend more than two hours a day on their device.

Around 40 percent consumers use their tablets for chatting, messaging and email several times a day.

18 percent of tablet users have paid for the apps that they use – a positive signal to the developer community to create more India-specific apps for the country.

HCL ME Tablet Connect 2G 2.0 comes with free content worth Rs 4,599

78 percent of the respondents surveyed were of the opinion that there is a still some way to go before the tablet becomes the primary computing device

Nearly 10 percent of non-users indicated a strong interest to own a Tablet in the coming year

Satisfaction seems to peak for tablets in Rs 5,000 to 10,000 price range as well as 20,000 and above price bracket.


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