India PC market: Which states are buying HP, Dell and Lenovo?

Top 5 India states have 62.3 percent of the overall PC market share in Q2 2014, said IDC. HP, Dell and Lenovo are some of the top brands.

These states include Tamil Nadu (22.6 percent market share), Maharashtra (15.8 percent), Delhi (9.1 percent), Karnataka (8.5 percent) and Andhra Pradesh with 6.4 percent.

In Q2 2014, India PC market sold 2.55 million units — driven by manifesto driven state government deals for students such as Tamil Nadu ELCOT-III in 2014.

India PC shipments by region from IDC


PC market in North India dropped 61.6 percent in Q2 2014. Top 3 vendors in the region are HP (27.2 percent), Dell (22.8 percent) and Lenovo (13.2 percent).

Delhi recorded the highest shipments in North with 34.6 percent market share in Consumer PC and 46.6 percent in Commercial PC market. Along with UP and Rajasthan, these three states contribute more than two-thirds of consumer PC business in the region.


South, which posted 2.3 percent growth, is leading the India PC market, with 41.8 percent share. Top 3 PC vendors are HP (37.6 percent), Dell (13.9 percent) and Lenovo (13.7 percent).

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are two dominant states in the Southern region with a combined share of 53.1 percent in the consumer PC market.


West India PC shipment dropped 3.5 percent in Q2 2014. Top 3 PC vendors are Dell (22.9 percent), HP (20.3 percent) and Lenovo (15.8 percent).

Maharashtra has 64.9 percent PC market share in Q2 2014 in consumer PC business and 72.5 percent in commercial PC business in the West region.

Industry verticals like BFSI, retail, IT/ITeS are the largest contributors of the West region in terms of enterprise spending on hardware.

PC market share by states from IDC


PC shipments in east region dropped 14.6 percent in Q2 2014. The top 3 vendors in the regions are HP (23.2 percent), Dell (22.2 percent) and Lenovo (11.6 percent).

West Bengal has consumer PC market of 43.4 percent and commercial PC market share of 46.1 percent.

IDC said notebook shipments are anticipated to grow at around 20 percent in Q3 against Q2 2014.

Launch of affordable PCs (sub $400 notebooks) has added a fresh lease of life to the overall PC business and vendors like HP and Lenovo stand to gain from this development in Q3 2014.

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