HTC smartphones to come with SRCH2 search capabilities

HTC smartphones will soon come with SRCH2 search capabilities.

The addition of SRCH2 will give users a new way to search for content, locations and people on their handsets, enabling industry-leading advanced search quality at lightning speeds.

Running SRCH2 as a universal search engine as part of the OS is a strong move for HTC.

SRCH2 offers search software rebuilt from the ground up to address the needs of a data-driven world.

Some of SRCH2’s features include:

Instant Forward Search: Search-as-you-type functionality presents new choices with every keystroke and helps users find what they want, faster. Until now, very few search boxes offer robust, relevant instant forward search and even fewer mobile devices offer relevant instant forward search.

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Rapid GeoSearch: Localized search for places or merchandise nearby is increasingly important for mobile device users. SRCH2 treats location-search as a single-process search element, enabling super-fast, relevant, geo-aware search.

Error Tolerance: With SRCH2, typos are not as costly because users can still find what they’re looking for. Error tolerance can be fully configured by developers.

Ranking customization: SRCH2 enables developers to easily assign weightings to rank results, without custom coding.

Real-time updates: Most search software has to lock or slow down inbound queries while data is being updated and re-indexed. SRCH2 software can be configured to index information as it comes in, with no lock or performance denigration.

All-in-one: SRCH2 delivers all features in one highly configurable solution, with no custom development required.


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